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Beetle Baiting thus far...

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so ive begun my baiting for the year. Doing pretty well so far (8 Plinthocoelium suaveolens & 2 awaiting id of genus Elaphidion) just curious what other baiters are using and how succesful. Im using 750 ml molasses/water/ shiner bock and 750 ml mol/water/ red wine. Hoping for Purpurecinus linsleyi and S gigas soon but so far the Plinth turnout has been nice. Also are there any tricks anyone knows to attracting cerambycids to blacklights? I have had very little success getting them to come to my setup, which is twin 400 48" blklt bulbs standing vertical on a 4 x 4 white sheet

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I've heard that ginger attracts Stag Beetles, and I've tried, and it seemed to work pretty well, as I got a male Lucanus capreolus one time, an admirable size.

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