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For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles, Third Edition


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I just received my copy of the book and I am wondering if anyone here has also purchased it as well.


Overall I think it is great and informative on caring and rearing of both rhinos and stags. It also has procedures on how to make your own kinshi for stags as well as fermented flake soil for rhinos of multiple species. I have come across numerous books on general entomological studies, field guides, encyclopedias, and insect care guides. This book to me is by far the most informative on rhinos and stags. I am wondering if anyone has other books that are very informative besides this book on beetle care/rearing, particularly for rhinos. If so, what are the recommendations?


Last but not least, if anyone has not purchased the book and is debating to purchase, I would strongly recommend ordering the book as it has already taught me a lot of new knowledge towards beetle care/rearing that I have previously not known of.



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I take it that The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles is among the recommendations, Beetle-Experience?


Ratmosphere-- I got mine from Bioquip, way faster shipping compared to if you ordered from Taiwan!

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