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Chalcasoma atlas/Caucasus care

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It's quite difficult to get imagos with any real size to them unless you're using specialty substrate. They appear to appreciate a very highly decayed substrate consisting completely (or close to) of wood.


The larvae are exceptionally aggressive in the L3 stage, and unless you're keeping them in very large rearing containers (30+ liters per pair), you'll want to keep them individually. There has been a reasonable amount of success in the Far East achieving "sizeable" imagos with high decay substrate and quality protein supplementation.


As far as breeding goes, it's very straightforward. Treat them just as you would any of the larger Dynastes. Females can be quite prolific in their egg laying, and hatch rates are pretty high.


All in all, they're not a terribly difficult species to culture, just don't expect major males.

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Yeah like what the others have previously mentioned, the larvae of Chalcosoma atlas and Chalcosoma caucasus require temperature between 22 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius. They are very ferocious and will fight/bite each other in compacted space or when provoked/startled, so it is advised to house them individually. You can feed the larvae with flake soil until they've become L3, then it's suggested to provide them with middle decayed oak wood/log if you want to produce majors.

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You can usually find middle decayed wood in vegetative areas. Middle decayed wood is categorized as a type of decayed wood that can be split open easily by hand, but cannot be crumbled into flakes.

You might be able to achieve this level of decay yourself but it is time consuming since you'd require an oak wood/log and then introduce fungi such as mushrooms to break down the wood for you to your desired level of decay.

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