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Chalcosoma atlas


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That's a sad situation. I've been in that spot before but the sellers I've worked with always sent replacements. Unfortunate to hear this happened to you, sometimes adults just don't ship well from their 'origins'.

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Un-succesfull breed. The male fails to mount the female every time. This led to the female losing a lot of body parts. I wonder if long generations of inbreeding these caused this. They are very slow and unresponsive rhinoceros beetles all of the time. Hopefully, next time I pick up this species from a different vendor, I hope to have a successful breed.

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Did you provide them with a sturdy object such as a log so that the male could grip down properly? The females of rhinoceros beetles also tend to be more receptive to mating if they're feeding. Males wait at food sources and defend them in order to mate with females that arrive to feed. A male successful in defending a food source that the female has access to would probably be more attractive as a mate.

It's probably not that the female actively determines that the male is a viable mate, but the increase in blood sugar levels and a change in insulin levels or levels of other hormones that make the female more receptive to mating.

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