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Hello from Pennsylvania! Into D. tityus currently.


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I've been keeping and breeding bugs for many years, but I'm new to beetles. I'm working with D. tityus right now. I collected adults in southern Maryland at lights last year and this year. Last year's larvae are pupating(two females out)and this year's are just hatching from eggs.



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The photos attached are the largest so far. Only a few more to pupate and I can't imagine them getting any larger. I've got twenty some pupae so far. The males average 24.5 grams and the females 22.5 grams.


The photo in my first post here that shows the two pupae next to an adult, the adult is a 55mm. wild male.

Thanks for the welcome too!



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Thanks! So far the ones eclosed have been perfect.

Good to hear!


Thanks for the positive comments! They are my first reared beetle pupae of any kind!

Well you did a bang up job man! :) For a first timer, your pupae are huge!

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They look great!

I'm so sad I have just killed my male in is pupa. During a substrat check, I have found the cell. when I've open it, the cell was full hemolymphe... :S a 7.5cm boy.... a waste....

Oh that's too bad! I had one male pupae that died for some unknown reason. All the others are alive and healthy so far. A few are3 soon to eclose.

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Whats append with your pupae? A little update? :D

Well, I've had 9 females and 4 males eclose to date. Another male and 2 females will be out in the next few days. That leaves about another 12 to eclose. I'm waiting for the elytra to really harden up before I mess around with them. I promise I'll post photos soon!
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