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Embaphion muricatum


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Just got some larva of this species yesterday, I am pretty psyched to own some of these!






Hopefully I will be able to rear some to adulthood, according to The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles, they are relatively easy to rear. :)

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these are awsome mine are starting to curl up at the bottom of the enclosure so I'm hoping to get some pupa soon

Yup that's a sign of pupation, hope yours pupate soon! Cool to see another person keeping this somewhat uncommon beetle, these guys should really be spread out more through the hobby!

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My Embaphion muricatum have been doing very well, and one has even matured! Here are some pics of them:






This one looks like it'll mature soon:

Teneral adult:


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Dude these pictures are nuts, did you use a macro lense?

They look awsome

Thanks man, I just use a crappy digital Olympus VG-160 on the supermacro setting, no added lenses. :) I go through a LOT of bad pics, takes me quite a while to get anything decent. I'm glad you like them!

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Did you do anything special get them to breed, or just typical darkling care?


Typical darkling care, though be warned, this species in particular is really sensitive to high humidity, at least as adults, the larva actually like it a little moist.



Thanks! :)

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These guys have been doing pretty great, they aren't very prolific but are quite easy to rear, and go though pupation fairly quickly! :D


Here's a picture of some of my adults:



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