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Eusattus muricatus


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Found several of these a few weeks ago, and they have been breeding for me! I have found several eggs at the bottom of their enclosure. They are being kept in a medium sized container filled with sand and a little bit of coconut fiber

Here are some pictures!






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Those are nice! i would certainly buy some!@2

Well if I am successful in breeding them and rearing the larva to adulthood, I'm sure I'll have a bunch for sale. :)

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After a long wait, my Eusattus eggs have finally started to hatch! :D Unfortunately the larva are to small for me to photograph, but once they grow a bit bigger I will take a bunch of pics!

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Unfortunately my Eusattus have not been doing too well, this species has a very poor larval survival rate, and the amount of larva I have left is smaller than the amount of adults I started with. Still, the larva that are left are pretty healthy, and are getting big! Pupation is probably not too far off in the future.


Here are some pictures of a large larva:






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Those are gorgeous beetles! I hope you have success with the larvae!


Yeah, they are really cool looking! :) Thanks, me too! I only hope that the amount of larva I have is enough to rear a few sexed pairs, otherwise my culture will probably fizzle out pretty fast.

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