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From Louisiana!


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I'm happy to have found the forum. I'm a biology student (non-trad, not a kid) and starting my first Coleoptera project with some metallic European chafer larva.


I'm here to learn and share my experiences with these wonderful creatures. I'd like to get into the larger species maybe next Spring when they're plentiful.


Q: on substrate. I've been told well decayed oak is best. I have some lovely black soil made from rotted silver maple leaves-- would that be a suitable substitute?





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Welcome to the forums! It would be best to have a mix of both wood and leaves, like LarvaHunter said. Do post some pictures when your beetles mature! (Honestly wouldn't mind seeing pics of the larva either) ;)

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Well, no matter which way I rotate my photos, they seem to attach sideways. Oh well. I received my rose/golden chafer larvae, but I also decided to get a few mechynorrhina torquata ugandensis... I'll just leave the pics up like one day. Biggest larvae I've ever personally seen.... Did not enjoy being picked up!

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Well decayed oak mixed with 30 to 40% of your rotted maple leaves would be more suitable. I haven't used maple leaves only oak so far.

Welcome & Thanks for the cool info

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