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Welcome! I am fascinated by the large diving and hydrophilid beetles but haven't hand much opportunity to keep them. Once I had a hydrophilid lay a huge floating eggcase on the surface and I was thrilled till a few hours later the dytiscids had it for a snack (hindsight). My experiences is primarily with rearig Abedus water bugs and Nepa waterscorpions.

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Oh, I like the aquatic Hemipterans too! I figured since this was a beetle forum, they should remain nameless... ;)


As for Hydrophilids eating their own egg case, makes perfect sense to me. They'll eat ANYTHING. They'll strip an aquarium of aquatic plants, even java fern. I've even seen little bright green plastic droppings...from the plastic plants!


I guess I'm a sucker for aquatic stuff, more so than terrestrial stuff. But I also much prefer the longer lifespans of adults compared to terrestrial beetles commonly kept.

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