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It's great to see how many people on this site are collecting so many beetles and insects. I haven't had any luck in finding beetles this season and its making me upset. A few months ago, a gentleman in my class brought in a Pelidnota punctata to show me. This was the first time seeing this species in real life. He released it after shortly after. Today, he brought in two beetles to class to show me. One was Lucanus capreolus and the other was Pelidnota punctata He let me keep them and I released them in my yard this afternoon. It's ironic because I live in an area surrounded by woods and can't find jazz while he lives in the city and keeps getting luckier. An other good find that happened wasn't from me but my was from my girlfriend. She was outside tanning when she saw splashing in the pool. She grabbed a skimmer and took a giant insect out of the water. She was unable to capture the longhorned beetle so I couldn't retrieve it for better photos. Hopefully I could find something this year before it gets too cold. Lately, my interest in jumping spiders have become almost an obsession and I like looking for them. Sadly, its very hard to find them as well. My goal is to find a female Phidippus purpuratus.


(Photos deleted.)

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On one of our ten minute breaks at school, somebody pointed out a beetle flipped over on the asphalt. I then picked it up for pictures. My best find of the year! Any ideas on what it is?






I'm fairly certain this is a female Xyloryctes jamaicensis.

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