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Cool, I love carnivorous plants! I have a Venus flytrap (Which I just took out of its dormancy), And some Sarracenia minor seeds which I am currently growing. Do any Nepenthes grow well indoors, or do they need higher humidity levels than those found in the home?

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Nepenthes miranda, maxima, ventrata, ventricosa, and atlata are all great beginner plants and can be grown indoors with pretty low humidity. These plants have few requirements (sunlight (at least 6 hours a day) and moist, but not water- logged soil).


In my opinion Nepenthes miranda/ maxima are great because they are not only hardy, but look impressive!


Make sure before you purchase one that you know if its soft or "hardened off", and if its soft you will need to acclimate it for a houseplant.

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