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When you were young kid, have you ever had a birthday party where an individual brought various reptiles/tarantulas to your house as a form of entertainment? This always was a fun time for me. What if you wanted to start a small business and go to children's party's and show different types of beetles? I know it would require an import license but could this be done? Would you need any other licenses? Also, what about various different non native mites and microbes that may inhabit the invasive species of said beetles? Could they cause a harm if they accidentally migrated into the household or onto the children?

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I used to do educational bug shows for schools, birthday parties and other special events. It was fun and made good money. I used beetles sometimes, but it was mostly a large mix of inverts. Having a beetle only show, might be a little too specific however. As for importing, you wouldn't need to import any insects, as we have some amazing species right in the USA. If you know where to look (or have the right hookups), you could have a whole show with just native species.


As for import license, there is info on this forum about that, just search it. They are not easy to get and only for specific facilities.

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I already know about the import licensing and how hard they are to get. I dream to show some invasive species to people who have no idea that they exist. And I do agree, we have some cool species here that can also be shared. Anybody else have tips?

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