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Howdy from Deep South Texas!


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Howdy From the tip o Texas


I'm Chuck and I rent to vacationers on South Padre Island. My son(6) and I are getting into beetles together, starting with a superworm colony. He's into lizards too, so we were looking for a good feeder species.


I really enjoy being out in nature, so we plan to go on a few bug hunts soon. Are there any species of interest that are native to our area? I hear we have some pretty cool dung beetles around here.


How about recommendations for easy to keep species? Something a kid can keep up with easily?


Thanks a bunch!

Chuck Hofmeister

We Rent South Padre dot com

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Welcome! You should have lots of darkling beetles in TX, which are very easy to keep and most are not too difficult to breed. Just give them some coconut fiber as a substrate, keep them dry with a moist corner, give them lots of ventilation, and feed them dog food fruits and veggies. They can live a few years as adults, and they really are one of the best pet beetle types out there! :)

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Welcome to the forum! I agree with Hisserdude, darklings are definitely the easiest group to keep. They're just about indestructible. You get a good variety of darklings, dung beetles, and tiger beetles in Texas. There are some great buprestids down there too.

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