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Beetle Breeding Books (in English)


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There are not many, and they are hard to find but . . .


I have all the Invertebrates Magazines (yes, from the first issue) (sorry, had to brag).

Then I got The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles, Coleoptera Laboratory Culture Methods.

Recently I acquired For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles Second Edition.


Just tonight, I discovered (and bought) the Professional Breeders Series: Giant Beetles Of The Genera Dynastes And Megasoma by Alexander Weigelt!


Has anyone read this? There are 3 currently available on ebay if you're interested.


I'm excited to have found this! My collection may be small, but it is mighty!

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thats all the ones i have......theres still a huge gap in the market for a series of books going into great detail on the breeding of each individual beetle species. With lots of colour pics and detailed graphs for that species.

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I always like having books. And it's good to see the thoughts of different writers, I feel it gives a more complete understanding. Hopefully more of us will get to writing books, or at least adding articles to Invertebrates Magazine.


It's always good spreading info! :D For those interested in this book, here is the link to the place Dcpac's talking about (they have 8 available!):



And here is the link to the last one on ebay, it's the same seller I ordered mine from:



If you buy this book, post up and let the rest of us know! Can't wait for mine to arrive!

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