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  1. I have and it if fine. I shift the frass out and then add fresh sub to whats left. If you don't have any fresh to add it will be fine for egg laying.
  2. Well looks like I am going to have to keep up my hobby the hard way. After 3 years of having easy access to to all things beetles I moving back to the U.S.
  3. Can anyone recommend a specimen case for a large dried beetle like Hercules Hercules?
  4. I have the same books expect for Professional breeder series, I did not see it on eBay, but found it at abebooks.com. Thanks for letting me know about this book
  5. M. Finae, Thanks for the info. Both he male and female emerged in May this year. The breeder told me it is up to me if I want to hibernate (diapause) them or not, but to not breed them until next May when they are a year old. From what I have read it seems that they will be healthier and live longer if I put them in hibernation from about November to May. Right know all my beetles are in my living room which I keep at 24c year round, the breeder said I could keep them outside during November to May, but I worry about temperature fluctuations. I have an old refrigerator with an external thermostat that I used to use when I brewed beer and I think I am going to use that for their hibernation I just have to remember not to let them dry out and open the door everyday or some to make sure the air is good.
  6. Picked up this guy and a female. They are local from near my house, the beetle shop I went to was in the middle of no where and I am pretty sure I was the first American in their shop:). I now need to study up on hibernation and breeding them.
  7. I have never been into taking pictures and know very little about cameras. That being said I find myself wanting to take pictures of some of my beetles. Can anyone recommend a camera that is good for macro, but not super expensive ?
  8. I have a few Dhh larvae that are still in the substrate they were in when I bought them. It is time for a sub change but there is a lot of gnats in the current sub. I know you are supposed to mix 20% or so of the old sub with the new. If I cook it will kill the gnats, but also the good bacteria right? Would freezing it kill gnats and mites, but leave the good bacteria ? Thanks, Steve
  9. I agree. That was just a old cooler I had in the car that I used temporary to transport home. I split them up into the two tubs you see in the second picture
  10. The larvae are Allomyrina dichotoma (kobuto mushi). My son and I found them in a park near our house. I kind of feel bad taking so many, but they were so easy to find it was hard to stop. I plan on keeping some imagoes and breeding, the rest I plan on giving away to my children's friends as long as their parents are ok with it and understand how to take care of them.
  11. Set this up in my living room. Sooner or later my wife will stop complaining.
  12. I just got this book it is a interesting story about his life a passion for beetle. Don't worry I still has lot of great information and beetle pictures. I really like this book!
  13. Hello, I am in the Navy stationed in Japan. I recently became interested in beetles and have 50 rino beetle larvae and 2 unidentified stag larvae that my son and I found. I also have 4 Prosopocoilus giraffa larvae that I bought. I really am enjoying this it's kind of like farming and hunting. I have bought every book I can find and have my wife translating some Japanese stuff for me. I hope to learn a lot here as well.
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