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Korean stag beetles (Acro)


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here are some breeds I used to breed in Korea.

In Korea, the popular breeds are usually dorcus hopei binodulusus, which male size varies from 30- 86

There are two most popular types, which would be the ones bred for length and size, and also the ones which are bred for the thickness of the body and pincers.


I used to be and still am a breeder who breeds for the thickness of the body and the pincers, and successfully have bred a pair to have offsprings with a steady possibility of thick pincers.


Here is one of the offsprings.




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Have you ever fought this species? He seems like a rather heavy hitter, single KO style.

Yeah I have fought them before...

This guy is a part of a bloodline I was making which is supposed to magnify the thickness in the body and especially the pincers.


These species is actually very thin most of the times, and this guy is one of the rarer versions.

Its easy to think them as the green type or red types in the P. Muelleri breeds, just that its slightly more rare to breed this type of guy.


This breed is known to be rather calm, but very agressive at times.

It's picers does not make it a very powefully destructive threat.

There is another breed which is the Korean titanius, which is known to be the best fighter in Korea! I'll post more later on

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