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Wondering whats native to Ohio.

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Hi all! I just found L Capreolus in Lakewood! It's a city with no real parks, no one owns more land that about 1/2 tops (very few), majority of the homes are duplexes and exist on 1/4 acre. Anyways what other species of stag beetle call Ohio home? It jogged my memory catching that beetle tonight that I caught a stag in Hocking Hills State Park about 6 years ago. Larger mandibles, and it sounded like a bullet when it hit my tent (the only reason I found it). Could L. Elaphus make it that far north?



I have to say, it was awesome to grab it right on my doorstep. I'm letting it go if I can't find a female.

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There's a semi-rare species called antelope beetle (Dorcus parallelus) in your state, and if I remember correctly, L. elaphus can b found in certain parts of Ohio too. Also, u might find some Ceruchus piceus and Platycerus virescens by breaking rotting logs :)

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