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Substrate issue

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so I have had this fungus traveling to all of my beetle containers…and it was actually killing some larvae. Once it reached some of my prized larvae i decided to change all substrate and throughly washed all of my containers! is there anything else i should do?

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Did you spread the fungus around by re-using contaminated substrate or does it appear to be infesting even clean substrate?

Fungal contaminants are a tough thing to deal with once it's allowed to proliferate and produce spores, so I hope it's just something you spread around by inadvertently inoculating all your substrate with mycelium.

I suggest boiling your substrate if you want to get rid of the mycelium. Baking may work as well, but some microbial contaminants react to dry heat by producing spores and cysts that can germinate after cooling and hydrating. Drying substrate is the least effective method and fails to kill most things--mycelium is also capable of surviving dehydration and revives upon rehydration.

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Instead of sterilizing the substrate, is there any merit to the idea of inoculating the soil with leaf litter from outside, in an attempt to create a stable mini-ecosystem without any single dominant mold or mycelium? That seems to be what the beetles encounter in the wild, and it might prevent a single mold species from taking over quickly. Maybe that's a terrible idea, and it might be why I've never been able to raise a wild-caught larva to adulthood. (That, or the months of neglect. Or a mixture of both).

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