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Protaetia (Cetonischema ) aeruginosa breeding


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I recently obtained some protaetia (cetonischema ) aeruginosa L3 larvae. They now seem quite big, like 3+cm, considering that beetle is about 3cm long, they look like pretty ready for pupation. i keep them with my other beetles at +25C. Do they pupate without any stimuli (temperature drop)? Do they need some cold period like cetonia aurata to stimulate breeding?



My flickr photos



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I never had to give them a cold period. This species is relatively easy to keep. The larvae do appreciate some additives in their food (for example, fish food or dog food) but watch out for mites. It sounds like yours are past that stage though.
If you have extra larvae in the future - maybe we can trade. I have been looking to go back and breed aeruginosa.

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Thanks a lot for the advice, sure we can trade some in the future

Will just let them pupate on their own:)

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Do males of these species differ from females same way as in cetonia aurata?

I have got several of these eclosed, but they all have rounded rounded abdomen, bottom part. In cetonia aurata the males have this part flattened..

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