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Larvae ID in Central FL


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Found these larvae within a rotting oak stump. These were found in Altamonte Springs, FL. Head capsule is too red to be Dynastes and Ive been told Strategus is found in the dirt, not in decaying oak. Any Ideas of that species they might be? Sorry for the photo quality. It was taken with my iPhone.










Also found this Huge larva in a separate oak stump about 50 feet away. It was at the base of the stump. It has a red head capsule and it vibrates when I pick it up. I belive it is Phileurus truncatus. Although it is strange because last time I found Phileurus truncatus larvae they were in a group of about 9 with an adult guarding the larvae. Seems strange to find only one by itself. And yes I checked the rest of the stump and found no others.


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Thanks Alan, I hope I can find some more of the P. truncatus. There were lots of oak stumps I found with large fecal pellets inside but no larvae.


Hope you do find some larvae soon :)

If not, I'll send you some of the specimens I caught :)

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