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Mystery Beetles


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Hey, I'm totally new to beetles, my interest got sparked when I found a Lucanus Capreolus in my home in Michigan (we just moved to a farming area in New York), and I figured that there'd be a lot of beetles here, because the house we moved to has a lot of brush and trees in the yard. So naturally, I went on a beetle hunt, looking for more LC beetles, and I found a lot of not-LC beetles (though I did find one small female). I'll post them in this imgur album because the pictures are gigantic. From what I can figure, they're all female, as they all have what looks like tiny horns, but not quite large enough to be males. I found most of them under tree bark and some dead grass, if that helps any. (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I figured that it was a good place for the topic)

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Those are some pretty beetles you've got there! Those are ground beetles, so it is hard to tell the males from females, but they will all have little jaws (for the most part).


If you are looking for some larger flying beetles, try black lighting at night in your backyard or drive down a street with lots of lights and check for them there. I am looking for a L Capreolus make or pair, so if you find any that you wanted to sell or trade you could send me a message! :)

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