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would it be worth it?


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i was wondering, would it be worth it to make a book about keeping predatory beetles ( ground and tiger beetles,) if it has no breeding info? i might want to write a book about keeping predatory beetles, but i do not know how to get eggs and rear larva of ground beetles to adulthood, and to my knowledge

no one really does. i have kept lots of ground beetles, and plan on keep lots more. i also plan on keeping tiger beetles soon ( wich more people have had more sucsess with rearing.) so in like a year or two, if breeding ground beetles sucsessfully is still unheard of, would it be worth it to write a book about keeping ground beetle adults with no breeding info? (there would still be tiger beetle rearing info though.) thanks in advance. :)





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I think you should put all the breeding and stuff, i think that's the point of beetle books really :P

Hardshell has been succesful with tiger beetle larvas.

lol not really I TRIED to keep omus dejeani tiger beetle... some reached pupae stage but because i didnt feed them often and wrong humidity they died before days of emerging and got no eggs...




-hisserdude- keeping tiger beetle larvae if tough! right now i released all the native ground/tiger beetles to the wild because few kept dying for some reason :( i will try ground beetles again if have enough roaches and room... i can sell you couple pairs of omus dejeani next year or something? so you can put info on the book you might make? omus dejeani larvae if very common but finding adults is hard... but ill try during spring break or non school days... i just know that omus dejeani larvae is very sensitive, adults are aggressive, both larvae and adults are active at night, adults hibernate under rocks and logs, larvae needs WA cay like soil to make burrow

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Thanks for the info hardshell, in the future I will definitely order some omus dejeani from you.

Cicindela are commonly reared tiger beetles, so there would be info on breeding those. Thanks guys i will wait and see if I can breed my ground beetles I have :) also if anyone has tips or info for breeding ground beetles could you tell me? Thanks!

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