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Asbolus verrucosus


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Blue death feigning beetle from Bugs in Cyberspace. I was really lucky to meet a person from my area to order some of these guys for me. Thank you so much, Ruthie, for ordering these guys for me :)


If you want these guys, don't hesitate to get them from Bugs in Cyberspace. This is a real deal :)










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They are great. I just got a few more from Peter. Hopefully they will start laying, as all they seem to do is mate when they are active.


Orin, Do you have any suggestions on how I can get past the tiny larvae stage?

That is all I have ever gotten, but I also had Eleodes with them at the time. Now the container has around 10 A. verrucosus and 1 Diabolical Ironclad that has been there since I got the first beetles.

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If your small larvae are dying you're probably keeping them too damp. I've had luck getting the larva up to maturity but getting them to transform to beetles not so much. I have tried various methods and failed. The only way I've gotten any to maturity I'm not sure where or how they're pupating. I have some photographic evidence of C.B. adults but have not figured out a methodology other than a setup.

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