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Clip wings?

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The thing with birds, is it is a completely painless snip at primary feathers. These grow back, and they don't take away a bird's ability to fly completely. Clipping wings is actually a controversial and heavily debated topic amongst bird enthusiasts. I personally do not clip my bird's wings, and instead work on training, most specifically with recall commands!


For a beetle, you would be shearing off one of its major limbs. It will not grow back, it leaves them open to infection, it would be great stress, and the beetle probably would not function normally after having its wings sheared. I really, really would not clip a beetle's wings. Just keep the cage secure and be unafraid to pick them up and place them back.

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You could possibly kill a beetle by clipping its flying wings but sometimes the wings get messed up in the final molt and the animal will suffer less if the wings are clipped versus it ripping hanging wings to shreds over time. If the elytra are also deformed there's more going on and the animal will probably die either way.

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