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Anyone keep Phanaeus vindex? I need tips.

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I know very little about these rainbow scarabs (sounds so much better than the other LOL) And I read all the threads here on them.


Is there a step by step someone can giveme on breeding these beautiful beetles?


Has anyone found a substitute for fecies? Like a protein based clay? Has anyone tried?


I read the aduts can possibly do mushrooms, applesauce or bananas.


I finally found the beetle I want to start with, now I have load up on all facts I can. heh I've been all over the web, but nothing beats personal experience!

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They only need to be provided with dung if you want to breed them. There is no substitute for dung when it comes to the females making brood balls. Nobody has succesfully replaced a dung brood ball with a fake brood ball as of yet. The adults can be kept with no dung around just fine provided egg laying isn't the end goal for them :)


From the sounds of it, just provide them with dung (not compost) and substrate deep enough to bury the brood balls, and they do the rest! Use sifted dirt from your yard, or mix pesticide free plant food free soils mixed with some sand as substrate and press it down nice and firm, then put some loose on top. Keep it humid but not dripping. Give them a good sized wad of herbivore crap once a week or so and keep food constantly available, and you'll have busy, happy beetles.

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