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Update on my larvae

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Both of my larvae (sexed pair) seem to be thriving rather nicely in their substrate and always like to be near each other. Took photos today and now I'm wondering if anyone wants to take a shot in the dark and inform me on how close they are to possibly pupating?? They seem rather yellow and I'm questioning on whether I should separate them into perhaps a 32 OZ deli container? Or would that be too small? Separation would be ideal as I wish to know when they will pupate in order not to accidentally harm their pupal chamber. Thank-you much in advance! :D









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They look like they have a while to go yet - they don't look too "yellow" yet. If you think they may be pupating, always have a look up at the bottom of the tank before you dig. Dynastes nearly always pupate at the bottom of the tank and you can usually see the outline of the pupal cell as a ring of darker substrate around a bit of the larva.

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Matt- awesome good to know! Would you recommend them to be separated to the 32 oz containers? or just try to leave them alone when I notice they are about to?


If you notice any hint of pupal cell formation leave them alone, they have already started making the cell and I would not want to risk disturbing them. Although they can sometimes remake a new cell if they are disturbed right at the start of the process I would leave them where they are if they are happy to make cells in that container.


Here is a not very good picture I took of the bottom of my Dynastes satanus tub at the moment with 3 pupal cells - the tank is on the edge of my desk with me shooting blind with the camera in 1 hand, holding tank in the other.




With the two leftmost cells you can just see a bit of the pupa within an oval of darker substrate. For the rightmost one there is just an oval of darker substrate. There is a larvae in there too but I think it had just moulted into a pupa. They release a lot of liquid during this process which soaks into the substrate and makes this darker patch or ring. If you see any hint of an oval ring and the larvae has not moved from that spot for a few days, I'd be very careful of doing any digging in the tub.

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