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Greetings from Delaware USA


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Hi everyone!


I am a new member of Beetleforum.net and am happy to be here! I enjoy keeping beetles and cockroaches as pets, and am fortunate my wife is also happy with the insects.


I currently have some Blue Death-Feigning Beetles (Asbolus verucosus)and "Superworms" (Zophobas morio) I saved from the feeder shelf at the local pet store.


I hope to learn much from the discussions on this web site.


All the best,





Blue Death Feigning Beetle by Gerris2, on Flickr

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Oh that is a wonderful picture!


What all roaches and stuff do you keep? If my mom wasn't allergic to roaches I would have more than these wood roaches I caught a little while ago.


If the BDFB (blue death feigning beetles) have babies let me know. Hopefully I will be getting some babies from my Eleodes and maybe we could do a trade :)


Do you mind if I use that picture as a wallpaper? I will put your username on it so I remember who's it was if it is alright with you :)


lol, I love your avatar. Is it a large male hissing roach? I used to breed those before my mom found out she was allergic to them.

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We have the Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroaches. They make nice pets, and as you can see they do not mind hanging out on my forehead hahahahaha.


Yes, you can use the photo. Thank you for the nice comments about it.


Here is another photo taken at the same time as the first one.



Blue Death Feigning Beetle by Gerris2, on Flickr

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Nice healthy beetle you have there :D


My hissers would hiss away every single time I would try doing anything to them, lol. But once I would pick them up they would relax more and just hang there.

The babies are hard to contain though, the babies can climb anything end escape anything almost, atleast that I tried ;)


Darklings make great pets, I have three five gallon tanks set up with Eleodes subnitens, Eleodes goryi, and Eleodes acuticauda. And I have goryi, spinipes, obscurus, and laticollis larva :)

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