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Kinshi bottles!


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So through all my constant online beetle wanderings I've become quite fascinated with the Asian method of using mycelium inoculated wood flake to consistently raise major male lucanids. I've read all the threads/posts on the forum about creating your own and the results seem to be mixed at best. I was looking at an online dealer which can be viewed here, that sells a multitude of beetle breeding supplies and equipment as well as numerous sizes of kinshi bottles. I was considering purchasing some from the site (if anyone wants to get in on an order let me know), but I remembered something that could potentially be a game changer! Two years ago I purchased a mycelium inoculated block of alder wood sawdust in a grow bag from the company Fungi Perfecti and grew quite a large crop of lions mane mushrooms. Now they sell quite a few different species including the oyster mushroom (one of the most commonly used species in kinshi production), and I was wondering if any of you guys out there know if this could be used. I know that many dealers in Japan sell what at least appears to be the exact same type of "block" kinshi to be broken up and put into individual raising bottles by the customer. Do any of you guys think this could be a successful substitution?

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The "store" that sells the premade kinshi bottles is an online company out of Japan, and the company that sells the mushroom growing kits is out of Olympia Washington. So that's very close!


is the store from US??? do they ship to US???

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I was reading in Orin's Ultimate Guide that there's a difference between using kinshi "blocks" made for beetles and those made for producing mushrooms for human consumption. The composition is essentially the same but the beetle breeding variant has additives (I'm assuming some type of multivitamin). I was thinking it might be worth experimenting with the oyster mushroom blocks in their raw form, but I also hatched another idea. I've been reading about using oak pellets (the kind used for grilling such as Traeger) as a breeding medium when mixed with flour, maybe a little bit of yeast, water and time. I was thinking if I could make some of this substrate and get it to the proper stage of decomposition that I could put it in individual containers and inoculate them with these spawn plugs. One of the advantages I see with this method (assuming I can get the inoculant plugs to take and spread to the decomposed wood flake) is that it would be easy to include and experiment with various multivitamins and other additives. Of course it all sounds great in theory, but who knows!



One bug company in Korea used to make Oyster mushroom kinshis for beetle breeding and people loved it!

I don't know if this kinshi has same quality or not but I think it will work for beetle breeding.

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