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4 Lucanus Elaphus!

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I have four larvae of this species now, two huge ones, and two slightly smaller ones. If you look at my other thread with the pic, you can get a good size comparison.

Anyways, I collected the first larvae a month ago. He has been building very sturdy structures, I assume they are pupal cells, not some random hole. Just got the other ones today, not sure what they are doing, their container is huge, more than a foot wide, maybe 10 inches tall, so I cant see them very well. When should I expect them to pupate, and how long will their pupation stage last?

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the pupa to emerge takes around a month.

If you see them spazzing out, it's the sign of pupating.

And i assume one of your larva is L3.

It's usually around August or September, so expect pupating soon :D

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