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I would rather no mites be anywhere near my animals or plants.


Do you know if they are soil mites? Or parasitic?


Or they could also be springtails.

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I have never dealt with mites in my animal containers, just once with my plants.


I would change the substrate, and see if you can gently get the mites off of the insects you are keeping. Tear down the whole container and wash it out thoroughly (no soap though) and after everything is cleaned put the new substrate in and the insects.

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I think parasitic mites are red...


I don't really know a lot about mites, maybe someone else will.


All I can tell you is what I would do. Which would be to try and get as many mites off of the insects as possible and completely redo the containers they are in.

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Now I got little orange (I think, I am color blind) mites on the fruits and wet foods in my Eleodes container :\


I just took the fruits and stuff out and left them with a water source and dry foods. Maybe the mites will die off.

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