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Carrion beetles?


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Hi everyone :)


I checked my pit fall trap this morning (it had rotting fruit and beer mix in it) and I found these three beetles:





(Sorry my camera sucks)


When I saw them I thought carrion beetle. But I didn't know how small or big they could be. Or if they would be attracted to fruit?

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:D Thats good, so I don't have to feed them rotting meat :D


Thanks :) I will give them some banana or something ;)


Their so tiny, its going to be hard to get them a container they cant get out of!

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Seems that they are common in your area :D

Great thing about these beetles is that both the larvae and the adults feed on tree sap and probably rotting fruits as well.


Maybe I could get them breeding also ;)


I think they are nocturnal, as I haven't seen a single adult beetle come out of the soil yet. Maybe I will spy on them at night and see if they come out to eat ;)


This is actually the first time I remember seeing these beetles.

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