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Bit of a disaster!

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I got myself a trio of prosopocoilus giraffa, housed them together to try and get a mating as the male wouldn't attempt to mate by hand. Anyway, the other day i found the biggest female as dead as a doornail with a deep puncture straight through her. Obviously from the male!

I guess i should have wired his jaws to stop him hurting her.


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I'm sorry to hear this man! I knew a breeder who tried to get his Prosopocoilus male to copulate with a female and it killed her. Not about to give up, he tried to pair him with the second largest female, and she too got gored to death. He made a third attempt and put the male with an average sized female, but alas, the violent creature mauled the poor girl, and then died from old age a few days later.

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