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Pretty Shocking collection day!!!

Ryan Minard

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O.K. so I set out on 1/19/12 to find more larvae and at least one adult of the rare Dorcus brevis. I was also hoping to acquire adult Platycerus virescens specimens on this beautiful day!


Similar information can be found at my Facebook page,Coleoptera


First thing I came across was Lucanus larvae. I already have enough of these so I wasn't too excited.


BUT... what I found next was shocking!

I found Dorcus larvae! About fifteen of them! Below is a picture of a Dorcus larvae I found during one of my previous trips to the woods.




Not only did I find 15 larvae (which were about 35-40mm on average) but I also found 1 adult male Dorcus brevis. Below are some pictures of it.






After harvesting any Dorcus larvae and one adult I moved on to another collecting zone. What I found there was pretty good! At first it seemed like there was only Lucanus species... but I looked closer and saw many adult Platycerus virescens. Below is a couple of the ones I collected yesterday (not all of them though):



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The Platycerus and Lucanus are found in and under logs on the forest floor. The dorcus are found in extremely rotten STUMPS which you have to uproot or destroy to get the Dorcus.

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