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Cal poly Pomona bug fair

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It was fun! They had lots of roaches for sail, a few live dynastes granti, and some live stick insects, plus loads of turantulas and spiders (whipspiders and vinegaroons too!) As for dead insects, they had tons. This one guy (who I bought an Odontablis luethneri from) showed us his cool collection of colorful, sparkly, weevils. The had very large dorcus titanus for 80$, but I bought a smaller (but still big one) for 8$. They had lucanus cervus, and some other cool stag beetles too. I especially enjoyed the dead Dynastes Hercules and Titanus Giganteus. They were really cool. It was very fun and I'll be going next year!

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I was there as well, great little fair, I do this every year since it is where I first started vending.

Anyhow, it is a great fair for the collector of dried goods and supplies, but it has grown as far as the live inverts offered.

To clarify on the previous comments, I saw the D. granti there, but they were all males, and I did not see any stick insects, who had those????


Bob Duff was there with the largest D. granti male I have ever seen, initially I thought it might have been D. hyllus, but it was granti indeeed. ill

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