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Lucanus mazama


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So, after my trip to AZ earlier this year I ended up with 4 female L. mazamas. These produced quite a few eggs for me and I have a few L2 grubs already. :) Here are some photos up through large L1 larvae at the bottom, I will try for some L2 photos soon.









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The grubs sub for now is about 90% decomposing wood ground up, that was mixed with a tiny bit of pulverized leaf mold substrate I give most grubs, and then I compressed it into a loose block.


I have some substrate mixes that I am planning on trying out when they need to be moved into larger containers, more of the same, some "fermented" substrate, a couple blends of that sort, and I inoculated a couple containers of wood/rice flour mix with oyster mushroom mycelium the other day(my take on kinshi bottles).

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what type of wood are you useing ? :)

I think Im around a 50/50 mix of oak and cottonwood on these guys, I had planned to use almost solely cottonwood but lucked into a couple nice pieces of oak.


Edit: Dumped the largest grub's sub for some photos and it wasnt too happy, lol, here are the L2 photos:





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The substrate holds together and is "clumpy" if you were to shake it a bit but it would not give you moisture if you compress it between your fingers. I hope that explains it...its something you just have to get a feel for.


I find a 64oz/.5gal mister and a pair of long tweezers to be the best tools for hydrating substrate, stick wood ground to whatever coarseness you prefer in a bucket and mix while misting occasionally.

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