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Grubs from my yard.


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After I did all that hard work hunting for grubs in my yard, I remembered that I saw some huge ones when my neighbor showed me his compost pile. :lol:


I went over there and he was more than happy to let me turn it over and now I have many grubs and pupae of a couple different species. Also, I just brought the material that they were found in to raise them. All I had to do was walk across the street and dig. :P I hope using the compost works in captivity, and it shall be fun to have a couple of surprises as far as species. :D


One of the species is a pretty rusty colored flower beetle, there were a couple adults in the compost. :) I will post the species name as soon as I figure out what it is.

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Nice find!

The larva in the picture look a lot like the sugarcane beetle larvae that I raised 2 years ago.

Thanks, that may confirm what I suspected because we get alot of those. They are a fun beetle and my daughter's first insect love. :D I like how they stridulate when they are disturbed, and I can't help but save them from Big headed ants, when they are under attack they stridulate like crazy. :(


My daughter started out by finding Sugarcane beetles and Scarlet millipedes on our porch when she was around 18 months old. I found her picking them up and trying to kiss them! :o Not knowing much about arthropods, I looked the creatures up online to see if they could harm her and developed an interest myself. We kept the beetles, pedes, and Pycnoscelus surinamensis in a container with the soil we found them in when they weren't walking about on our porch, and fed them fruits and veggies.


She will be 6 this month and now we keep many various arthropods. :rolleyes:


I have since taught my daughter that bugs don't like kisses. ;):lol:

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