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Hey from Indiana!!

Phil Kuhns

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Hi! My interest in beetles originated from the artwork I do. Particularly origami! I design and fold many different subjects from squares of paper but have always most enjoyed folding insects! Being able to accuratly, anatomically design an origami insect often requires many google image searches and studying the real thing. By doing this, I slowly started to enjoy the real bugs as much as their artistic representations. However I must say that I always have had an interest in insects appart from origami. One of my goals for this summer and last was to collect a live male Dynastes Tityus, but no matter how hard I tried, even when I was in their range, I could never come up with one! Being frusterated, I decided to just order some grubs online and raise them myself. I currently have 5 L2 Tityus grubs (that I got last week) in a 5 gallon aquarium and really, really hope they survive! I am following Orin's guide as closely as possible but would be very gratefull for any additional tips!

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