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click beetle

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Hi, we just found a little brown click beetle in our house(Fl), and my daughter(4) is adamant about keeping it.

Right now it is in a critter keeper with some moist bed-a-beast substrate and a "house". Will it eat anything? or best to let it go? Thanks for the advice. Jennifer

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On a positive note, I collected an eyed elater click beetle 3 weeks ago and unless it is eating the foliage of the juniper sprig I have in with it, it is surviving on reserves. The reason I mention this is that your beetle may be okay as you test different possible foods out on it. And now I'm off to throw some carrot in with mine!

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Welcome! Can you post a pic to help us Identify it? I'm not an expert on click beetles, but I would offer it a washed (really good) carrot or a piece of lettuce. Set it down next to him and watch if he eats it. If you can care for it, click beetles are good pets.

My link


its the last photo, a little brown beetle.... that flies. :) i forgot they can fly. startled me. My daughter put a matchstick carrot in with it last night.

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