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Hello from Washington State


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I have been interested in bugs ever since I was a little girl when I found a large colony of sow bugs in the garden.

As a child, I wasn't afraid of anything that crawled, hopped,swam or was slimey. I would pick up anything. Living in

Virginia was a hoot because I would love to go out at night and watch the lightening bugs, catch them and put them in

a jar to look at. Problem was I forgot to put holes in the lid :P

My interests have varied over the years. Mantids, Madagascar hissers, now its Rhino beetles. I am raising a Dynastis

Granti larvae, and am planning to get more to raise. I also want to get D. tityus to raise also.

I was not interested in going to college, but have told people in my later years that I should have studied to

be an entemologist, because my interest has never wavered. Thank you for letting me a member of this forum.

I hope I can contribute in some way.

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Washington has some decent beetles in the SE part of the state. I'll be out collecting some darklings soon in the area just over the Oregon border at The Dalles. Another great species in WA is Omus tiger beetles. A friend has recently collected 2 species of Omus there.

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