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Legal or Illegal of Releasing the captive beetles from other states

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Is it legal to set free Dynastes grantii in Louisiana? (offspring of wild beetles from Arizona, USA)

I believe you can be fined by the USDA for doing so without permits... Even then, how is it not obvious that is a bad idea? :blink:


You are suggesting introducing a species purely for your own enjoyment...forget the natural range that the species evolved in, take no consideration of possible hybrids being produced, take no consideration of the possibility of introducing a pathogen or fungus from your captive collection that is not found in the environment, etc... Its all bad. :(

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There are laws with criminal penalties in many areas regarding the intentional release of non-native animals and even natives from different areas. You'd have to check your own. Dynastes granti would not be able to live in the areas tityus live but if a male were let go at just the right time there's an almost unrealistic possiblity of a wild hybridization.

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I think that is the first post you have made, Orin, that I totally agree with. :blink:


Beetleguy, perhaps attempting hybrids in captivity might be a fun project for you, if you are looking for something new. Might be interesting to see if it is possible between the two sp. and if it is to see what results. :)

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