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Kinshi Mold (New to Beetles)

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My son is crazy for insects, so after raising various mantises/snails/etc we decided to buy a rainbow stag beetle larva and a bottle of Kinshi from JamJam exotics. I made the mistake (I think it was a mistake) of transferring the Kinshi into a different container, and in the process broke the kinshi up into pieces. After just a few days, though, I noticed mold growing on the kinshi (picture attached), and after doing some more research I realized that breaking the kinshi up allowed more space for mold to grow. I also read that the mold can eat the nutrients from the kinshi, and thus harm the larva.

My question is: just how immediate of a problem is this, and how should I solve it? I went online to buy more kinshi, but everywhere I looked was out of stock. Can I wait to buy more kinshi once I find some? Should I buy another substrate in the meantime? Any help is appreciated - really a newbie here.


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