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Hello from Minnesota.


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Recently got into the hobby.

I have multiple insect tattoos and eventually hope to get a complete sleeve of them, but tattoos are expensive so its a work in progress. This eventually led to someone asking if I had any of my own as they once had a tarantula. I had just never crossed my mind that this was something I could do for whatever reason. Got some darkling beetles and a week later I was already ordering more. Pretty new to it all, but already in love with it and learning all that I can. I'm sure my friends are now annoyed by all the pictures and me talking about them at this point.

So far of the species I know

5 Blue Death Feigning Beetles

1 Eleodes hispilabris

1 Zopherus Tristis (I think, best guess from bugguide)

10 Others I'm not sure of in the Eleodes genus.


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