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Finding beetles in the Chicago area

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Pretty much any area with a lot of fallen trees/logs should work.  Although Capreolus are supposedly not found in fallen logs, it does indicate that the it is still an unmaintained natural area that they do appear in.  You can look on iNaturalist to see where other sightings have been.

You should have Lucanus Capreolus and Lucanus Placidus.  Capreolus are very common, however you will probably need some form of blacklight/light to attract them, personally I haven't found any without it, but a ton with.

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On 7/4/2023 at 5:53 AM, Chikencababldo said:

I live in Chicago and I’m wondering if anyone knows some spots to look for stag beetles in the Chicago area or places near it.

you won't find the big stag beetles in the Chicago area (Elephant stag beetles). its too cold. You usually find those in the Carolinas/Texas/Oklahoma. But I believe you can find the large northern click beetle. (I think at least) 

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