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  1. Yeah I did some searching after I asked and someone was explaining brown rot doesn't have the nutrients that stag beetle larvae need, so I went and got what I'm assuming is white rot, kind of a white/pale yellow color, very flaky but stays in long strands, unlike the brown rot which just crumbled. Hopefully I got the right stuff, there looked like there were signs of something eating out the underside of the log I took it from, and a few random holes under the log in the dirt as well, which didn't seem to lead anywhere, so perhaps some larvae used to live there. Yeah, there was
  2. Awesome thanks. The two stag beetles that apparently live in my area are those two, so I guess it will be a surprise which one. The log I found it under was still pretty hard, so I couldn't take any of it with me, but I found some reddish wood that is pretty brittle nearby, will this make a suitable substrate for keeping it happy? Do I need to add soil or will pure wood work? I can provide photos if needed. Not sure how picky of eaters these guys are.
  3. Is anyone able to confirm if this is stag beetle larvae or not? Found this one under a log, there was a smaller one as well. I have seen bess beetles in the same forest so I'm just trying to confirm it's not one of those. It looks like it has the Y shaped anus with two big lobes, which I read is exclusive to stag beetle larvae but not sure if that's accurate. Also what kind and gender? (I read they might be indistinguishable so no worries if not)
  4. Ah I think the second trap was just the first image I found, I didn't realize it had that top section. The one I saw before was pretty much that with a lid type thing at the top to keep out rain and so bugs that fly up will hit the lid and then drop into the bottom. That is interesting that american stag beetles aren't attracted to the sap like european or asian species. It seems from google searches there is very little info on the american species which is kinda sad and suprising.
  5. Hello all, Just had a few questions, apparently there are elephant stag beetles where I live, so I've been kinda on a mission to find some. No luck with beetles but I think I did find some larvae of some kind of stag beetle. I was considering hanging some traps but had a few questions: 1) What is the best time of the year for these? I'm not sure if I'm too early, I started looking mid May. 2) Has anyone tried using these bottle traps or window pane traps? I was thinking of trying them baited with ginger, apparently european stag beetles were baited pretty well with ging
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