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Searching for Light Trapping Resources and Advice


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My second summer of light trapping in VA-NC-SC-GA and I am leaving early next week after just coming back from a half-successful elaphus searching trip in NC. I am adding to my setup a 450w MV lamp to total 625w of clear MV bulbs. I am trying to pick out spots to stay and set up the light trap. As far as I know, national forests are ideal legally for light trapping and state parks are out of bounds legally. Any other places that I should try that might allow/not care about light trapping? I have mostly relied on iNaturalist and bugguide but I think iNaturalist may be misleading due to the way data is collected. I know people are very secretive about where to trap so this is a real learning process but I would love any advice or resources (books etc.) on the subject. Thanks!

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You just need to use common sense, when we go out collecting , after dark, pursuing a hobby a lot of people have probably never even heard of,

you should consider the optics.

I have my own system, avoid other people and carry a self defense implement.  Open areas with a wide field of view are my favorites, water sources can

be productive, hill tops are good as well.

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