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Howdy from nevada

May Weed

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Hey everybody, 

 My name is Matt and I have lived in Nevada my whole life, moved all over the state. I am getting back into the invert hobby after some years of regretfully taking a break from it. I raised many different inverts many years back (when it was way easier to get inverts both domestically and internationally) and am getting back into the hobby/art. I've experience with lots of different kinds from millipedes, moths and butterflies, roaches, isopods, mantis and scorpions, ants and bees, phasmids and of course beetles, my favorite of the group. At the moment all I have are some fig eaters ( cotinus mutabilis) in the pupa stage but I'm here hoping to do some buying and ideally trading down the road. I ultimately want to help beetle breeding become as popular here in the states as it is in other parts of the world, or at least help expand it by breeding and trading with other beetle lovers, but thats a ways off at this point. I'm going to try and contribute to the forum before I use the classifieds. Don't wanna be that guy. Anyway thanks for having me

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Hey Matt, from one newbie to another, welcome! I have also raised ants, isopods, mantids and my favorite, phasmids! I’m currently on a beetle raising kick and I’m having a blast. I’m ordering some flowers beetles this week, but c. Mutabilis is my goal! How would you say that your experience is going with them? And what other beetles have you kept?

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