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Gunk on Blue Death Feigning Beetle

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I recently got a new Blue Death Feigning Beetle from my local vivarium. Once I got him home I noticed he had some sort of crust or gunk on his head and back. Does anyone know what this is? I’m hesitating to add him to my enclosure with other beetles in case it’s a fungus or something. Thanks in advance! 4C06EC53-D7F3-4CD5-BE5D-BEFDE3C169D2.thumb.jpeg.32ec5db6e19378f1bcf29807d46fb39a.jpeg

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I'm pretty sure it's just gunk like you said. I would take a very soft toothbrush and wet the brush and let the water slowly dissolve the gunk, then take the toothbrush and brush off the gunk. Repeat until the gunk is gone. Then pat dry with a tissue. That's how I clean my blues that have dirt, etc that I catch in the wild.

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