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unknown cricket


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I've had this guy since August 29, caught at Lost Lake in Linn county Oregon. I'm not sure what he eats, but I'm doing something right, because it has grown.

My guide for North American  Crickets and Katydids and Grasshoppers doesn't offer much help. I think this might be a "grig"20221207_162730.jpg.f231216297faa06942d6a09a571527d6.jpg

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That is indeed a Grig, from that area of OR it should be Cyphoderris monstrosa. I've always wanted to breed these, never been able to find any here in ID though. I'd offer it a variety of foods such as dog food, fruits, prekilled insects and perhaps pollen as well. If you find more and are able to share, lemme know! 😉

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I did find out what it is, and you are correct. The cricket is in fact depicted in my book of grasshoppers, katydids and crickets of the USA, but it's a drawing,.

Anyway, apparently they are uncommon. I believe I have a female, it has never made any noise, I'm sure it has molted at least once, because it's

visibly larger than when I picked it up off the ground, "captured" is a bit of a stretch, it was just there in the morning, trying to warm up like the rest of us.

It is a location I visit often, I have my favorite spot in the gps, we usually go there at least once every season. My original food choices were pretty close, 

but I've upgraded her diet. I don't think they live more than 2 years, the first winter spent as a nymph, I guess I'll find out.

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