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Dynastes Grantii of MYTHIC proportions


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Hello all, new here. Pheonix based lover of insects and insect taxidermy artist. I've been out looking for D.grantii and have been fairly successful. The other night while searching I came across just the thorax and head of a very, VERY large male being feasted upon by ants, thankfully its almost completely intact (may be spliced with the abdomen of another large male upon its naturally occurring demise and mounted). Attached is a photo, with scale and small male for comparison. I've got two large males pushing 70mm but neither of them with a 40+mm thorax thoracic horn. just WOW. 

also 2 photos of the largest male I've come across so far with an overall length of 74mm


I've got a few mating pairs Im caring for in an enclosure until they pass, feasting on all the fruits, and making sweet beetle love. Hoping to produce some larvae and will use the adults in taxidermy pieces. 



IMG_4669 copy.jpg

IMG_4666 copy.jpg

Maximus aurelius copy.jpg

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