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spring in 8 days!!! saw a roach in the woods today!!!

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I was surprised to see some tiger beetles last spring near a lake in southern Oregon. There was still snow on the ground about half an hour from the lake. The sun was shining on the shore and the kids and I had a lot of fun trying to catch the super fast beetles. I think it was March.


Yesterday I saw a ground beetle larva crawling across the ground in the backyard, a newly emerged solitary bee of some kind sunning itself and brushing its new wings with its back legs, a whitefly and a few ants. Not much else out here yet, but my son and I sat in the backyard and looked around for a while. We had a solid hour of sun and there was plenty to go around.

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ha ha!!! you are in orgegon!!! it stays colder there longer!!! :lol: just kidding!! anyways, I've seen the following insects this past year:

odd red larva




strange darlkling larva

my mantises (they're all inside)


also saw:

a robin (come on spring!!! 7 more days!!!)




additionally, I've seen tiger beetles in the past during summer, very hard to catch, they run real fast

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